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Time to calendar this important meeting

Denny Substation - Public Benefit briefing @ Design Commission

Thu, September 4, 1:30pm – 3:00pm
Where City Hall - Boards and Commissions Room  

Call to Action!



 Here is another opportunity to let City Light know that a 6,000 sf. dog park, which the City is hoping we find acceptable, is UNACCEPTABLE. As you all know, there are 1000+ dogs who live and work in SLU/Cascade.  We need a dog park that will safely accomodate the dogs of Cascade/SLU!

Let the powers that be, know that the Denny substation creates the perfect opportunity to create a spacious and safe, dog park.  Six thousand square feet is inadequate to serve the downtown dogs; at 6,000 square feet, it will be one of the two smallest off-leash areas in the city!! 

E Mail Comments to:

Mail Comments to:


Kathleen G. Fendt, Senior Environmental Analyst
Seattle City Light
700 5th Avenue, Suite 3200

P. O. Box 34023

Seattle, WA 98124-4023




To be considered in developing the final EIS, all comments must be postmarked by midnight, April 26, 2014.

Wondering what's happening at the Denny Substation, home of the future dog park?

 Draft Environmental Impact Statement release: City Light will release the Draft EIS in spring 2014 with notice of availability posted on the website, mailed, or emailed to parties of record, and with other legal notices posted as required. To provide the public with opportunities to comment, there will be a public hearing and 30-day comment period soon after the release.

Substantial completion of substation design: City Light will reach 90-percent design of the substation and complete the design of the distribution system in 2014. A public benefits package as part of the petition proposing the vacation of Pontius Ave N between Denny Way & John St will be presented to both the Seattle Design Commission and the City Council in 2014. The final recommendation for acceptance of the public benefits package would be made by the City Council in order for the petition to be approved in 2014.(An opportunity to tell the Council, "We want a dog park!)

Ongoing public involvement: City Light will continue to reach out to the public in 2014, with another public meeting to get input on design, more community forum meetings, and briefings with groups and organizations. 

Pre-construction outreach: Construction does not start until 2015, but City Light will be ramping up its construction outreach efforts in 2014 to ensure you know what to expect. Stay tuned for opportunities to learn more and stay connected in 2014. (More chances for the voices of dog park supporters to be heard!)

Denny Substation meeting

Here's the latest on the Denny Substation dog park project.  The substation itself will take up considerable room, but in the "Preferred Alternative" design, there is an area approximately 16,000 square feet that appears to provide the best opportunity for a decent size dog park (it's about 16,000 square feet).

Alot is still up in the air right now,  but I feel cautiously optimistic.  No one spoke out against siting a dog park on the City Light property. And it made my day when the representative of Seattle Cancer Care Alliance said that he would love to see a dog park there. (The SCCA building would be right across the street.)  

Please keep in mind that this is just the first step of a process that will last years.  But we are off to a good start.  If you have comments or questions, please contact me at newdogpark@gmail.com.

City Light Announces "Denny Forum"


I am pleased to report that City Light has invited me to represent the dogs of SLU at The Denny Substation Project Community Forum (Denny Forum).  Here's how they describe the process:  "Seattle City Light is designing a new substation, a transmission line to feed the substation, and a network distribution system to meet Seattle’s current and future electrical needs.  Throughout this process Seattle City Light is committed to working with the community in a transparent and meaningful manner. In pursuit of that aim, City Light is forming the Denny Substation Project Community Forum (Denny Forum). The purpose of the Denny Forum is to promote meaningful discussion and information sharing between the project team and area stakeholders around the development of key project elements." "The Denny Forum is a time limited engagement, anticipated to last throughout environmental review and design - about 6 meetings over an 18 month period."   My understanding of this process is that I will represent the SLU Dogs and the humans who love them.   It will be my job to share the information I learn about the project and to raise awareness of  it .  I will be attending meetings held about once per quarter and will share with you what I learn.


The SLU Dog Pack is a force to be reckoned with!

This morning, I stumbled upon a link to a recent Seattle City Council meeting about the City Light substation project.  www.seattlechannel.org/videos/video.asp I encourage you to have a look, as it does mention the OLA potential.  It starts getting interesting at about 131 on the video's timer.  

I was happy to hear, from the lead landscape architect, that siting a dog park there has a lot of public support.  Thank you all!!  Of course, we can look forward to more public meetings and opportunities to be heard.

I'm counting on you all to show that we deserve a bigger, better off-leash area!

The present....and the future

 Wanted to let you know that Seattle Parks will be helping us rehab (the woefully inadequate) Denny Dog Park.  They acknowledge that the surfacing is awful and that it was not properly installed.  Not sure when, though.  Whenever it is, it will require some volunteer labor.  If you're not on the email list (newdogpark@gmail), please sign up so you can stay informed.

The plan for a bigger, better OLA at the old Greyhound Bus site is still in play.  No word yet on when the next public meetings will be held, but I will let you know as soon as I know.  

Update on the City Light property and potential Dog Park

 Our goal to create a new Off-Leash Area on the Denny Way City Light property remains alive.  I received the following update from City Light:  "There have been to the alternatives no revisions that would preclude an off-leash area.  As we move closer to 30% design (currently scheduled for June 2013), we expect to clarify the open-space opportunities in recommendations to the elected officials. These will be shared in our public outreach processes as we move forward.

We appreciate your dedicated interest in the project.  Please continue to check the Denny Substation website for updates."  The website is http://www.seattle.gov/light/dennysub/

Mutt Mitts for All!

On a recent walk through the Cascade neighborhood, I was amazed to see the number of Mutt Mitt dispensors that had been distributed throughout the REI shopping district, all sponsored by Dave of the wonderful Scraps shop.  I spoke to Dave about it and he told me that he is very happy to donate the dispensors.  He told me that the bags are very inexpensive and were paid for by the businesses in the neighborhood.  Dave expressed a willingness to donate Scraps Mutt Mitt dispensors to anyone willing to pay for the bags (which are very inexpensive).  

Simultaneous with learning about Scraps' generosity, I found myself walking in other parts of SLU and along Denny Way, and being disgusted by the growing number of piles of dog sh*t  left on the sidewalk.  Then it hit me: Encourage SLU dog supporters to take note of the problem poop zones and spread Scraps' goodwill by asking  businesses/condos/apartment managers adjacent to the poop zones if they are willing to receive free Scraps bag dispensors in exchange for purchasing the bags?

Please email me at newdogpark@gmail and share your thoughts.

ATTENTION SLU DOG PARK SUPPORTERS: City Light Public meetings announced!


City Light has announced the first three meetings where the public can provide comments about the Greyhound site substation project.  The scoping meetings mark the beginning of the environmental analysis of the project and provide the public the opportunity to identify environmental issues, substation design alternatives, and transmission line options that should be evaluated in the EIS. Meetings will be held from 4:30 to 7:00 p.m. All meetings will be the same and will include an oral comment period from 6-7 p.m.  

As you can see from the picture, this is a big property.  City Light intends to have a "public amenity" on the site.  Dog park supporters, we MUST attend these meetings and speak out for an OLA or we will lose a prime opportunity to create a bigger dog park here!  Please mark your calendars for these meetings, which will include an Open House from 4:30pm-6:00pm and an oral comment period from 6:00pm-7:00pm: 


Monday, October 22

Seattle City Hall

Bertha Knight Landes Room

600 Fourth Ave.

Seattle, WA

Wednesday, October 24

Seattle BioMed

Discovery Rooms

307 Westlake Ave. N

Seattle, WA


Thursday, October 25

Seattle University

Admissions & Alumni Building

12th Ave. & E. Marion St.

Seattle, WA

Please attend one or more of these meetings and show your support.  If you cannot attend in person, please support SLU Dog Park by sending email to SCL_dennysepa@seattle.gov.  Better yet, speak up at a meeting AND send email to City Light.  Your dog will thank you for it!

PLEASE NOTE:  The scoping comment period ends at 4:30 p.m. on November 7, 2012.  More info about the substation project here:   www.seattle.gov/light/dennysub





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